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Thank you very much for choosing our mini pet hair detailer. Our fur remover brush we have designed has been granted appearance patents in many countries.
Please do not infringe our appearance patent,At your own risk.
About our story:
analan pet hair remover
"ANALAN" was founded in 2017 by andy and haley zhang in California.
We adhere to the "simple but not simple" design concept and customer experience.
We are now mainly focusing on product development and design in the field of cleaning tools
We firmly believe that only high-quality, easy-to-use products and free after-sales service system can make our brand develop better.
My design team and I are proud of this product. We spent about half a year to design,modify and test this fur remover.


Where did the inspiration come from?

analan dog hair remover

I think the reason we designed this product is because Eric’s hair is difficult to clean. We spend a lot of time every day cleaning up pet hair on sofas, cushions and other places! But it seems that pet hair can never be effectively removed.

We don’t want spend too much time researching how to clean up pet hair, So we decided to design a portable, small, fast and effective product to clean pet hair.

Our product design director

                                                  ZhenHua Yang


We can be reached via email at analanmask@gmail.com.

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